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Environmental Cleaning

Pellows have one of the few mobile water treatment plants in the UK. It is revolutionising water treatment by reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

- Tony Martin, Proprietor

Environmental Cleaning

100% Cornish. Cornwall's longest standing liquid waste disposal company

Understanding the importance of protecting and caring for the environment is paramount at Pellows. We have an estabilished and constantly evolving environmental waste disposal policy. Pellows are committed to the protection of water, air and land from contamination and help promote recycling.

Why Pellows?

Environmental services at Pellows is responsible for compiling services that offer comprehensive solutions for all our domestic and commercial customers to promote a safer and cleaner.

We have upheld this value throughout all our work with domestic and commercial customers, in the private and public sector for many years, and continue to strive in all aspects of our environmental clean-up and flood response service.

Our Services

Planned disposal of pollutants

We are required to deal with potentially hazardous and damaging products, in many of the projects we undertake, which require careful and safe disposal. As an example, Bentonite, found in drilling waste, which requires specialised treatment and disposal. Commitment to the safe disposal of any damaging and hazardous products in the most effective, efficient and regulatory way possible is our mission.

Pollutant Disposal in an Emergency

An contamination of an oil or chemical spill, requires immediate attention. Our emergency response team are trained in providing a full, effective, clean-up service, rejuvenating the contaminated area, safely disposing of all pollutants and advice on preventative measures in the future.

Post Flood and Fire clean up

We have assistedwith environmental clean-ups in both fire and flood response. Our team are regularly called out to aid the operation of cleaning up after fires, floods, dealing with malfunctioning pumping stations, blocked drains and pipes and any other domestic, commercial or industrial problem requiring emergency, rapid response.

Vandalism clean-up / Graffiti Removal

Our response team uses an arrayl of effective pressurised cleaning equipment to remove graffiti off brick, concrete, pavement, stucco, steel, tin and many other surfaces without additional damage. Graffiti can be a real nuisance and most neighbourhoods falls victims to the work of vandals and its best removed as quickly as possible.